Back At It

Since my last post, I’ve changed web domains, changed jobs twice, had another child volunteer as a Christian missionary (Latter-day Saint), had a child nearly die of T1D, raised five chickens, and seen my daughter get married.

Life’s been busy.

Home Grown Chicks
We have five chickens we raised from chicks–ISA Browns and Golden Comets.

Now my wife and I are working on a huge upgrade. We’re under contract to buy a 1970’s house and homestead near Dove Ranch. (The travel time to Dove Ranch will be cut by 66%.) My day job let’s me work from literally anywhere in the world, so we’ve decided to sell house we’ve lived in for 15 years, and move to a 1-acre house out in the countryside.

I love our current home, but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity for an acre of land in a beautiful rural area.

NOTE: Turns out that this homestead had some issues the inspection uncovered. We found a better homestead, though.