Water Rights Course

I want to put a well on Dove Ranch at some point. I’ve tried figuring out Utah’s water laws and have failed for the most part. Then I found out that there is a Water Rights course offered by the Utah Division of Water Rights and the Rural Water Association of Utah. I decided, this would complement my permaculture training nicely, so I’m going to sign up for it.

water rights brochure 2017

If anyone else is interested, you can sign up online at www.rwau.net

One thought on “Water Rights Course”

  1. Hi, I purchased 10 acres in Dove creek Hills last year and stumbled upon your site when looking at permaculture and noticed you are looking at water rights. Looks like we are neighbors. Here in Utah you are allowed to collect rain water. Up to 200 Gallons above ground without any special registration etc as long as you use it on the same land it was gathered on. Also you can collect up to 2500 gallons but have to register for it(Free) and also store it under ground. https://waterrights.utah.gov/forms/rainwater.asp

    As far as well digging goes you are allowed to dig up to 30 FT without a license. I have dug 2 15 ft test wells with little to no luck so far. If you do find water at that point you cannot use it till you register the well and get water rights.

    Since the area is semi arid,washout and snow melt water is one of the best ways to get water out there. This year i will be building a washout borewell recharge hybrid between two of my hills. I will also be installing a small pond to catch/ slow the water to help with recharging the soil around the washout.

    Hope you have some updates this year on your property and feel free to reach out if you need help with anything or would like to converse more about things.

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