Finished Marking the Boundary

I was starting to wonder if I’d finish marking the boundary line of Dove Ranch with t-posts before the snows hit. It really worried me, because it costs so much for a survey. I didn’t want to have to survey the land again when the boundary stakes all fell down and got lost in the brush.

Chance Pounding Posts
Chance helped me pound the last of the t-posts marking Dove Ranch’s boundary line.

I had 23 more t-posts to pound in, and miles of walking across raw land, just to get the t-posts to their positions. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I figured it would take me at least two or three move visits to the ranch to pull it off.

I was very happy when Chance (my oldest boy) offered to help me out with the physical labor. The entire time we were doing the work, he kept referring to me as “old man”, but I’ll point out that I still ended up carrying three more posts than he did


Either way, we had a great time, and got a great workout. Our arms were killing us last night when we got home, but it is done.

Marking the boundary line for the property is done!

Now I can focus on fixing the erosion issues and putting in the fence. I’ll also bring as much compost as I can stand the smell of up for improving targeted areas for planting trees.

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